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When Police is Pulling Up at Your Door!

Exclusively for STIGMA420 readers: here’s a 5-point emergency plan by JULIA SEESTÄDT of Cannabiskanzlei. In the worst case scenario, she highly recommends you to stay calm and follow these crucial steps:

1. Surrender — When it comes to a search, the search warrant states what the officers are looking for. ... Voluntarily hand over the searched item, if you can assume that it will be found anyway. Once they get what they are looking for, they are not allowed to search any further.

2. Disagree —
It is important to file an objection to the search and the surrender. Specifically: ”Ich widerspreche.”(I disagree.)

3. Cooperate —
You should be cooperative. But you don’t have to say anything and you don’t have to sign anything.

4. Get a witness —
In any case, it’s better to have another witness present at the seizure e. g. a friend. It is not allowed to film the officers. However, it is allowed and important to take pictures of the search warrant and the seizure protocol.

5. Consult a lawyer —
If it comes to identification service treatments, one should consult a lawyer. You do not have to appear for a police interrogation. You only have to comply with official summons from the court.

In case of utter hopelessness, don’t hesitate to call +49 4101 5387954
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