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1 December 2021

Illustrations: Kooni
Words: Simon Lunkenheimer

This is our take on a gossip section. The author Simon Lunkenheimer collected memorable weed episodes in pop history and Swizz artist Kooni helped with the visualization. Alas, she refused to deliver a drawing of Mr. McConaughey. The guy is one of the most interesting persons alive but he’s totally undrawable. His face is like a LSD trip. Feel free to try by yourself, we left the space blank for you.

Basquiat is First Class
Rumors have it Jean-Michel Basquiat lit a joint in the airplane on the way to Los Angeles. It was his debut flying first class. When the stewardess approached him to explain he was not allowed to smoke weed, he replied:

„Oh, I thought this was first class.“

Hits from The Bong
Cypress Hill came a long way — about 34 years of music and still smoking. Along their way they opened a coffee shop in Amsterdam, recorded with the sons of Bob Marley, advocated for legalization and probably managed to consume cannabis in any country they visited. But the most meaningful moment in their career is them hitting (probably) the world’s biggest bong on stage during one of their concerts. An apparatus so big, Eric Bobo had to stand on a stage case to reach the end of the pipe.

Miley’s Award-Winning Performance
That was a bold move! The pop icon lit a joint live on television. When she came up on stage to receive her trophy for Best Artist 2013 at the MTV Video Music Awards, she pulled a pre-rolled out of her Chanel bag and hit it up for everyone to see. A moment to remember, as Miley seems to be a true weed advocate.

Matthew McConaughey Plays Poker with Willie Nelson
Allegedly, Matthew started to smoke weed again after a hiatus of about three years. It was Willy Nelson’s vaporizer he inhaled while they were both seated at the same poker table. While Matthew delightedly took a toke, Willie said:

„Welcome back, son.“

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