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Your System Runs on Cannabinoids

On CBD and the endocannabinoid system

By Uwe Zhao


29 April 2021

Words: Uwe Bermeitinger

It was in the 1960’s when science discovered the infamous THC molecule and the existence of cannabinoids. Followed by pharmaceutical research on the development of synthetic cannabinoids in the eighties when scientists found similar substances in the human body — the so-called endocannabinoids. Mid 1990 a group of researches described this constellation of substances and its receptors in the human body as the endocannabinoid sytem [ECS]. It is responsible for the regulation of various biological functions, such as appetite and sleep or the feeling of stress, pain and anxiety. There are receptors for cannabinoids all over your body, which makes them so effective. Especially the most popular compound of hemp when it comes to health and body care: cannabidiol [CBD]. That’s where our partner, the trusted CBD store and beauty brand Tom Hemp’s from Berlin comes into play. Over time, the brand developed a smart range of body care and products for your wellbeing enhanced with CBD and healthy hemp extracts. Find body oils, lotions, a facial cream, a lavender-flavoured soap as well as tenderly prepared bath bombs — all made from natural ingredients and EU-certified hemp, free from pesticide and herbicide agents.

While studies in the U.S. proved that THC causes zero brain damage, even by longterm use, CBD is said to help cure the same. These are two of more than a hundred cannabinoids science is still researching on. The advantage: CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. Means you don’t get high nor confused. This makes the substance legal and usable all day, every day. In contrary, it even helps you keep focus and release annoying symptomes like stress. In the following we knocked together five positive effects of cannabidiol on your body and your complete system:

Strengthens the Immune System
Your immune system is constantly under a lot of stress. CBD is a fantastic way to strengthen the immune system because it is absorbed as a messenger from the body itself, which furthermore has a positive effect on the nervous systems. The ECS can help prevent histamines, the trigger for many allergic reactions, from being released

Cannabinoids are very helpful in the treatment of infections and inflammation. Allergy sufferers can actively combat stuffy noses and annoying coughs by taking CBD drops. It is especially beneficial against respiratory problems and can also help asthma-patients get relief. Many people suffer from problems with their skin, from eczema to itching and even pain. With its antimicrobial effect it can help affected areas of the skin to heal more quickly.

Calms the Nerves
Nowadays nearly everybody is overstressed. And people who suffer from allergies know the unpleasant hassle, anxiety and even depressive moods it can bring, too. Here to the ECS plays a role as it regulates our emotions. With enough cannabinoids, our serotonin levels rise. This means increased wellbeing and happiness, which makes your body and mind more resilient to stress.

The calming effect of CBD can give you a deeper sleep. People who doze well are way more relaxed and have a better start in the day, right?

Dopamine and Concentration
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for memory and mental awareness. When dopamine levels are low, a person’s attention and focus decrease. CBD is directly associated with dopamine in the brain. It reduces the possibility of irregular changes in dopamine levels, so you can keep up with your productivity and start the day feeling balanced.

We could go on with this list forever and we’re eager to get to know more positive effects of cannabinoids, that still have to get analyzed. And here’s another interesting fact: the endocannabinoid system is common to all mamals. That’s where your pet steps into the game, too. But this is a story for an upcoming issue.

“CBD is our Obsession.”
says founder Cristian Accardo, who is on a mission to make CBD-based products available for everybody. He used to offer food and groceries “from cakes and biscuits to pizza and spreads” made with hemp products in a small café in Berlin Kreuzberg way back in time before most people have even heard of cannabidiol and its positive effects on the human body. Then, in 2014 the pioneer opened one of the first boutiques for products made from and with CBD, at least in Europe. That’s when Tom Hemp’s was born.
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