Arts And Flowers

Cannabis Boob Camp


4 June 2024


Gesa Lugner

Drill Instructor #1:

Portia LaBurg

Drill Instructor #2:

Venus Superstar

Hair Make Up:

Eva von Sichart

Mid June. Hot summer day. Welcome to the Cannabis Boob Camp! Explore the significance of Mary Jane‘s special plant and celebrate the German legalization with Portia LaBurg and Venus Superstar in a lush grand garden behind blissful block houses right in between Portias “pulsating portals.” This exclusive cunt camp is established under the umbrella of Arts And Flower’s pot pope Uwe.

Cannabis Boob Camp pilot shot by Gesa Lugner for BIGDYKE3N3RGY & Arts And Flowers starring Moritz Haider as Portia LaBurg And Eva von Sichart as Venus Superstar; Hair and Make Up by Eva von Sichart Vision, Direction, Camera, Edit by Gesa

BIGDYKE3N3RGY serves collaborative and multidisciplinary projects. The queer boundless spirit evolves digitally and within event frameworks.

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