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Icy Glare

In a realm mysterious and deep, A paradoxical soul takes its leap. Kaleidoscope nails, a vibrant display, Defying norms in a rebellious way. Petrol stations, her sacred retreat, Where echoes of engines and dreams meet. Cannabis whispers, contemplation's muse, As she dares to question and refuse. With audacious spirit, she paints the scene, An iconoclast, vibrant and keen. In strokes of rebellion, her canvas unfurled, A poetess of authenticity, changing the world.

16 May 2023


Joshua Ezechiel


Julius Rueckert

Hair / Make Up:

Diana Ahmadi


Patricia Voit

Dear Diary,

OMG, like seriously, school is the absolute worst. It's a never-ending nightmare filled with boring lectures and a sea of brainless minions. I can't even with these people! Who needs their basic algebra when I'm busy slaying at the art of being a total queen bee?

So, after enduring hours of unbearable stupidity, I sought refuge at the only place that understands my absolute awesomeness—the gas station, duh! The neon lights there flicker just like my impeccable style, and the scent of gasoline is the perfect backdrop for my fierce aura. As I strut around, all the plebeians passing by can't help but be equal parts curious and terrified. I mean, can you blame them? I'm a walking hurricane of sass and domination.

You should see the looks I get with my gothic getup. I sashay down those lame hallways like a queen on a mission, leaving a trail of dropped jaws and major envy in my wake. The clack of my designer boots echoes my superiority, and my fishnet stockings make their hearts skip a beat. Oh, and my smoky black eyeliner? It's like a weapon, cutting through their boring lives with every bat of my perfectly mascaraed lashes. Their whispers and stares are just proof that they can't handle my magnificence.

Let's talk about my secret weapon—weed, baby. It's like my golden ticket to a world where I don't have to deal with the nonsense of these basic peasants. When that fragrant haze surrounds me, my mind expands like a freaking galaxy, and I transcend the limitations they try to put on me. Weed is the fuel that ignites my creative fire, turning my wildest visions into reality. It's my rebellious elixir, a one-way ticket to a world where I reign supreme.

And OMG, scaring people is my specialty! With just one icy glare, I can make them quiver in their lame little boots. They cower, they tremble, and they question their entire existence. I am the stuff of their worst nightmares, the ruler of the shadows with a perfectly manicured iron fist. Let them fear me, because secretly, they wish they had the guts to break free from their dull lives like I do.

Well, diary, it's time for me to go back to slaying the world with my snark and awesomeness. School may try to bring me down, but the gas station and my killer attitude keep me alive. I am a force to be reckoned with, the ultimate diva who won't settle for anything less than total domination. So, watch out, losers, because I'm here to give you a masterclass in being a reigning queen.

Until next time, diary darling,
The Supreme Alpha Diva

Outfit 1
Necklace: stylist’s own
Longsleeve: ©2021/23 Matt Lambert for Steez Press
Capri Denim Shorts: Archive Diesel via Kryza Vintage
Belt: Archive Moschino via Kryza Vintage
Fake Nails: H&M x Mugler
Heels: via JunoJunoShop

Outfit 2
Cap: stylist’s own
Earrings: model’s own
Sunglasses: Mykita
T-Shirt: Briar Will
Shorts: Archive American Apparel
Tights: stylist’s own 
Fake nails: H&M x Mugler
Shoes: Archive Isabel Marant

Be quick: there are still a few “©2021/23 Matt Lambert for Steez Press” longsleeves available at Kiosk Int. [Edition of 42 pieces]


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