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Finest herbal tobacco supplements for an even better smoking experience by Anastazja Moser

2 November 2021

Photography: Suzanne Caroline de Carrasco
Words: Uwe Zhao

Although this periodical seems to be one big ode to smoke, here’s some friendly advice for you, dear reader: stop using tobacco. It is extremely addictive and detrimental to your health, and does not get you any high. You’ll end up smoking joints for the nicotine kick. Anastazja Moser, who came to Berlin to study linguistics many years ago, has the perfect solution. Using the knowledge she gained from her background, she created a supreme tobacco substitute in three different blends, for various occasions and strains. Her high quality blends are handmade from wisely selected herbs that are beneficial when inhaled. You could even brew yourself a tea from her sophisticated mixtures.

Some people may already know Anastazja as the co-founder of Berlin Community Radio and as a former DJ. When they decided to shut down the notorious local online broadcast service in 2019, she also turned her back on the music industry. She’s now focusing on her SMOKE UP blends. Moser is originally from Poland, where they have a long-running tradition and knowledge of herbs. Herb shops are quite common there in the streets. Some of the flowers she’s using even come from her mother’s garden. When asked about her favourite bud, it’s mullein. A plant your bronchi will benefit from. It’s like Bridget Fonda explained to Robert de Niro in Tarantino’s Jacky Brown: “Coughing’s good! It opens up the capillaries.” And it cleans your lungs, confirms Anastazja. By the way, she also created an exclusive blend for Tom Hemp’s featuring passionflower and angelica root.

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