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Positive Energy Exchange

During the upcoming full moon on 24th to 25th of March the moon and the sun moving in opposite position to each other. With planet Earth in the middle this leads to the first lunar eclipse of 2024. Through this phenomen, life-changing energies come into your way. Rely on your intuition and let go of old toxic patterns that don’t serve you. New beginnings, celestial celebrations — our intuition already tells us what we’ll be celebrating this year. How about your’s?

23 March 2024

Photography: Roxane Juhasz
Talent: Franziska Theresia S.

These elegant spliffsticks featured in this photo essay are made for you to conviniently smoke a jazz cigarette. Created with care by Spliffy from vintage jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, keychains, sometimes even toys each item comes as an original art piece. Follow the artist’s instagram and slide into her DMs if you want to purchase one. Price on request, but affordable, promised. Visitez:

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