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1 November 2021

Words: Uwe Bermeitinger
Photography: Bobby Ott

Persons with a vagina may especially benefit from CBD: the outer labia is packed with receptors that will quickly absorb the active substance. This immediately leads to an increase of blood flow, arousal, as well as production of more vaginal fluid. Drip drip. Through the addition of avocado, hemp seed and sunflower oils, plus extracts of olive and rosemary, the lube creates a perfect slide. And don’t worry about the oil, Tom Hemp’s states it works quite well with condoms.

When science meets your love life, everything starts to makes sense. Adding cannabidiol to lube is a genius move — all the bodily benefits like relaxation, antispasmodic, elevated sensitivity, excitement, as well as calming and healing effects. Your mucus membranes easily absorb the magic ingredient. There’s only one thing that could be more fascinating: adding THC. But this is still illegal around here and can sometimes lead to anxiety. So let’s relax and stick to the stimulating CBD lubricant.

Of course, I tested it — on my own (worked out well) and with my partner who owns a vulva (double the fun). My mother always says ‘the more the merrier.’ This truth applies for lubricant, too. Using a slippery liquid or oil to reduce friction on, or soreness of, body tissue is perfectly normal and highly recommended. What I liked the most about the handy product next to the smooth glide: it smells quite natural. This is special; most lubricants feature awkward “erotic” scents. Here, your fingers will smell like dry grass, olive oil, and avocado. Even though everything about this substance is good for your skin, I would still advise you to wash your hands afterwards.

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