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Dos and Don’ts with Dogs

Two pretty simple and straight rules for cannabis users if they want to be good with and to their four-legged pal.

By Uwe Zhao


30 October 2021

Photography: Mathias Schmitt
Words: Uwe Zhao

There’s one thing all mammals have in common: the endocannabinoid system. This includes humans and their best friend. It’s basically what this publication is all about and the reason why our human organics interact so well with cannabinoids. Studies conducted by the U.S. government have shown that dogs have an even larger number of cannabinoid receptors. This makes them even more sensitive to the herbal agent. So if you love your pet (also applies to cats, horses, and even marmots) you only have to stick to these easy two rules:


Everything CBD is good for your canine. All known benefits like relief of pain, tension, anxiety, insomnia and depression, reduction of inflammation, muscle spasms, and nausea work even better with your pet than you might experience on your own. It improves relaxation and sleep, helps with skin problems and even fights cancer cells. Note: you cannot overdose with CBD and we are convinced your four-legged friend will appreciate your efforts.


Anything THC is not good for your dog. Remember, they are oversenstive to canna­binoids. They will get higher than you ever can. But the poor animal doesn’t know what is happening to its consciousness. This is real torture. Ataxia is the technical term used, when the dog’s nervous system is totally uncoordinated. There are funny videos on the internet, but for the creature itself it is no fun at all. Passive smoking shall be fine, but don’t — never — ever blow smoke into the dog’s face nor let them taste even a crumb of your hash cookie. If the milk is spilled, please see a vet as soon as possible and tell them honestly what happened, otherwise they won’t be able to help your little friend.

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