Well, here's another fine video premiere from friends: it took 11Schnull and Newinfluenzer a while to finally release the track and the video “Ich Und Meine U-Bahn.” The waiting was worth it. The piece comes out on limited vinyl featuring a silk screen printed sleeve by Newinfluenzer, who is also ... making waves as a graphic designer and street bomber about town. This track is a mandatory score to every graffiti video in 2023.

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Baked daily

Steez Press’ second drop this year is dedicated to the lovers of latte art and butter croissants. The 7-color screen print comes on a heavyweight boxy cut t-shirt featuring a freshly baked croissant on the front and a superb latte art cappuccino on the back. The item is accompanied by ... a hand stamped silkscreen printed “loyalty card” (21 x 15 cm) and colourful stickers. Give yourself a fucking break and get baked daily. Latte art created by Wassili Franko

Available via

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“Latte Art & Butter Croissants”
Steez Press ”Specialty Coffee“ T-Shirt Release at Goldenblack Coffeestore in Hamburg on 26 August from 12 to 16h. Join us for cappuccino and freshly baked croissants 🥐 A first edition of 12 t-shirts will be on display (10 x XL, 2 x M) from 12—16h. Right ... after 16h another batch of 24 t-shirts will be ready to order online via ☕️ Each item comes with a handstamped and silkscreen printed »loyalty card« and a sticker. This Saturday afternoon the t-shirts come along with a free cappuccino and a croissant … oh lala 🍀

Latte art by Wassili Franko
With friendly support by Goldenblack Coffeestore and their team. 🌟

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Premiering: Europa — “Hero”

Interconnecting the Living and the Dead

Releasing today: Europa's newest music video for the single “Hero" — taken from the album "Wanted" released on Transatlantic Records — emotionally embraces the work of the buried ones. Drawing inspiration from Y2K aesthetics, in particular the iconic 2003 Apple iPod campaign, the video skillfully explores the interconnectedness of the ... living and the dead — the author and the audience — through infinitely exchangeable silhouettes casted in shadows.

Europa — “Wanted” (2023, Transatlantic Records) Out now on mini disc and on all digital and streaming services!

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Video: Wassili Franco
SFX: Moritz Haas
Soundtrack: Europa — “Eclipse”

What’s for breakfast at the editorial office in 2023?

Cap‘n Kush‘s sweetened cannabis cereals! This is a recommendation. Works also for lunch and dinner. wants you to stay healthy!

Visit us online regularly, join our telegram group and keep up with us via instagram while we are working on another printed object.

Video: Wassili Franco
SFX: Moritz Haas
Soundtrack: Europa — “Eclipse”

This Is A Tough One For Your Coffeetable

🕳️ Congratulations to Gruppe Magazine for the release of their issue N°5 themed “Grifters” 🕳️

It comes with heavy contributions by the likes of Kristina Nagel and Vegan4000, Shayne Oliver, Hendrik Schneider, Anonymous Club, Tom Schneider, Nancy Grossmann, Jasper Spicero as well as Gruppe’s very own Nele Jackson, Julian-Jakob Kneer and Tim Heyduck. Also find an exclusive interview with fake Russian-German heiress Anna Delvey inside ... and learn the difference between a con artist, a grifter and a scammer:

“Well, a con artist will sell you a bridge, a grifter will convince you to buy a river, and a scammer will promise you an ocean but deliver you a glass of water.”


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Icy Glare

In a realm mysterious and deep, A paradoxical soul takes its leap. Kaleidoscope nails, a vibrant display, Defying norms in a rebellious way. Petrol stations, her sacred retreat, Where echoes of engines and dreams meet. Cannabis whispers, contemplation's muse, As she dares to question and refuse. With audacious spirit, she paints the scene, An iconoclast, vibrant and keen. In strokes of rebellion, her canvas unfurled, A poetess of authenticity, changing the world. loves art and coffee as much as you do!

Visit us online regularly, join our telegram group and keep up with us via instagram while we are working on another printed object.

Video: Wassili Franco
SFX: Moritz Haas
Soundtrack: Europa — “Eclipse”

On Today’s Plate

Sucuk & Bratwurst x Highsnobiety “Macaron” grinder on “Lava Cake” bed by Emerald Family Farms — bon apetit <3

Thank you, guys, for saving one grinder for us. Unfortunately the product sold out fast.

New Merch

When Matt Lambert shot this steamy and brutally romantic editorial for N°2 of our magazine in 2021, we still went by the heavy and unfun name STIGMA420. Now, one and a half year later we go by the superfun name Steez Press, established the online magazine and moved to Berlin. For us, the perfect moment to finally put his work out there for you as a wearable item in sharp limited amount. 

Order via

The 100% ring spun cotton black longsleeve features a huge black-and-white photography on the front, a smaller one on the right sleeve and a sparkling black-on-black Steez Press logo print on the lower back. Each item comes with one of the last and outsold re-branded ... copies of formerly STIGMA420 N°2.

Originally released on the occasion of “420 and Chill” at Keller Kreuzberg on 20 April 2023, the garment is now available exclusively at Kiosk Int. and Keller Kreuzberg in an edition of 42 pieces.

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Please feel warmly welcome to celebrate “420” and ENTKRIMINALISIERUNG with us.

Keller Kreuzberg, Smoke Up and Steez Press invite you to

“420 and Chill”
20 April 2023
Starting 4:20pm
Keller Kreuzberg
Reichenberger Str. 48

This Thursday is 4/20 — world’s day of cannabis awareness — and we‘re at the brink of Entkriminalisierung (decriminalization) in Germany. So please come by Keller Kreuzberg after work, pre-work or ... at your day off and celebrate with us.

Anastazja from Smoke Up will host a herbal blends workshop where you can learn to prepare your own tobacco supplement for your joints. To participate please write to to get more information and to reserve a spot.

In the basement we will also show a raw selection of Matt Lambert’s work for STEEZ Press showing never seen before outtakes from the shooting as well.

There will be drinks,
but BYOW — bring your own weed.

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Can’t Won’t Don’t

I am not here to promote caps, but this hat I particularly like. I consider none of our readers can think straight nor do they want to. The embroidered statement item made of 100% cotton by Qweer Clothing has come a long way from Australia to Keller Kreuzberg, a cute ... queer-focused and weed-positive art/book store featuring a proper sex shop and small gallery space downstairs. Seems like the perfect place for a 420 celebration on 20 April. Stay tuned.

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100 Boyfriends Mixtape 3


Just saw this movie the other day at SISSY SMUT at Volksbühne Berlin and was keen to share it with you. The video work was shown among others in a programme curated by Matt Lambert and Vitium.

Obsessed with #Maxwell

We here at STEEZ are completely obsessed with #maxwell the Spinning Cat.

Please submit your favourite video cuts to plug[at] asap!

Only 0 days left

Dean Blunt is giving (gave) his new “Give Me A Moment” EP away for free again. This time via wetransfer download. The 8-minute short five-track release was published on January 29th via the Instagram page of Blunt's World Music label.

sorry, download link not valid anymore.

Hello STEEZ!

We changed our name to STEEZ Press. We want this cannabis lifestyle magazine to be fun and inspiring. We’re done with a society that tries to keep us down. We will set you free. STEEZ — That’s style with ease 🍀

And yes, it’s quoted from Gangstarr’s “You Know My Steez” but it’s important to know that it was Method Man who spitted it first on GZA’s “Shadowboxin.”

Good Bye, STIGMA420

Thank you very much, you served us well. But now it’s time to move on.

STIGMA420 No. 0—2 (2020—22)

... if you like Anime as much as we do!

Berry Xmas and a fruitful 2023 to everybody!

If you are feeling lonely these days or just need a little time for yourself, please feel invited to browse (y)our new home online. Below you will find all the essentials from issue N°1 and N°2 and in the future we will provide you with new and exclusive inspirations. Starting ... on New Years Eve and 2023 with amazing behind-the-scenes material from our NYC trip.

Also we want to thank all friends, readers and supporters for the belief in 2022.

All the best to you and a peaceful world.

Uwe (STIGMA420)

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Prologue STIGMA420 N°2

"The Best Buds Forever Issue”
Matt Lambert Edition

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed
This issue is all about friendship. And weed. Friendship with weed. Weed friendship. From having a good companion to keeping absolute distance, everyone has their very personal relationship with — or without it. Mine at this ... time, still bound to home office and lacking social touchpoints, is more like a symbiosis. Most of the time mutualistic, sometimes parasitic. We live together 24-7. Frankly, sometimes I hate it, but that might be a topic for a later output.

By the way, the title to this number is inspired by a worn-out vintage t-shirt from my personal collection. It features two red-eyed cannabis buds hugging each other saying, “best buds stick together.” And that’s what we do.
Holla at your best friends.

Yours truly,
Uwe Bermeitinger

Photography: Matt Lambert

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[Persian: One can take it, the other can’t]

STIGMA420 N°2 Cover A

Liebe, Gras & Zärtlichkeit

This is not the only German magazine classic we’re quoting inside STIGMA420 N°2 and this is what we got when we asked “Dr. Lambert” about the risks of gunshotting your best friend. See the commissioned photo essay featured on four pages in the middle of the ... magazine, on the double cover, and on a supplement poster accompanying this issue. Bravo, Matt.

Photography: Matt Lambert

Or here: [link]

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STIGMA420 N°2 Cover B

Photography: Matt Lambert



[Love, Weed & Tenderness]

CLAIRE MILBRATH: “My Life is a Roman Polanski Movie”


Finest herbal tobacco supplements for an even better smoking experience by Anastazja Moser

Friend with Benefits



“It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy; it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.”
(Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility)

Photography: Heather Glazzard

This post’s only purpose is to show ... the sincere work of photographer Heather Glazzard. Frequent followers of our other publication TISSUE Magazine already know that we are quite fond of their work. This transgressive, London-based artist takes pictures quite honestly. Intimacy is a big deal in their work — they want to connect with their subjects on a higher level. “If we don’t vibe I can’t take their picture.” Heather would rather cancel the shooting. They are not interested in selling to a big audience. With their dark sense of humour and obviously immediate access to their inner child, they are on a mission to create pictures that aren’t typically seen. Look them up.

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When Police is Pulling Up at Your Door!

Exclusively for STIGMA420 readers: here’s a 5-point emergency plan by JULIA SEESTÄDT of Cannabiskanzlei. In the worst case scenario, she highly recommends you to stay calm and follow these crucial steps:

1. Surrender — When it comes to a search, the search warrant states what the officers are looking for. ... Voluntarily hand over the searched item, if you can assume that it will be found anyway. Once they get what they are looking for, they are not allowed to search any further.

2. Disagree —
It is important to file an objection to the search and the surrender. Specifically: ”Ich widerspreche.”(I disagree.)

3. Cooperate —
You should be cooperative. But you don’t have to say anything and you don’t have to sign anything.

4. Get a witness —
In any case, it’s better to have another witness present at the seizure e. g. a friend. It is not allowed to film the officers. However, it is allowed and important to take pictures of the search warrant and the seizure protocol.

5. Consult a lawyer —
If it comes to identification service treatments, one should consult a lawyer. You do not have to appear for a police interrogation. You only have to comply with official summons from the court.

In case of utter hopelessness, don’t hesitate to call +49 4101 5387954
or visit

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Deutschland: GRAUZONE CBD [Germany: Grey Area CBD]

By Lorenz Hartwig

Dos and Don’ts with Dogs

Two pretty simple and straight rules for cannabis users if they want to be good with and to their four-legged pal.

By Uwe Zhao

A free supplement poster by Matt Lambert comes with every copy of STIGMA420 N°2.

Best Buds Stick Together

This lousy t-shirt was the inspiration to our “Best Buds Forever“ issue.

Protect Your Energy w/ FJAAK

Fashion Editorial


Interview with Jonny Banger

Your System Runs on Cannabinoids

On CBD and the endocannabinoid system

By Uwe Zhao

We’re on a Mission

Prologue STIGMA420 N°1

“The Cannabis is Medicine Issue”

Yes, it’s true.
Science says so and the inventors of traditional Chinese medicine knew it too. Only douchebags deny knowledge. Sure, everybody has to define medicine on his/her/its own.
Everyone’s pain needs a different cure. But dear reader, be aware: you won’t find the perfect formula to ... your rheuma treatment on the following twenty pages. That limited spreads are composed quite thoroughly and the magazine is stacked with much more. With the intention to help you see a plant — which you might already adore — through a different perspective. At this point I want to thank Tsehaitu Abye for big time inspiration and the title to this issue.

Pass it on,
Uwe Bermeitinger

Photography: Mathias Schmitt

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Skinny Finsta, what about the laced weed?

“The streets are filled with ruthless hustlaz. Toxic weed is the new high — the fiends will yearn for it. Paper is gettin’ stacked sky high. U better stick with your oldschool neighbourhood dope mane if u still want that ganja ganja mane. Alles Haben Sie only smokes legit!”

Photography: Max ... Heinsch

This is a warning! Synthetic cannabinoids represent the largest group of substances currently monitored in Europe by the The European Moni­toring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. And ever since German Vice’s overproduced documentary about a flood of low quality cannabis flowers treated with synthetic cannabinoids everybody’s quite nervous – users and pushers alike. For many, this is another argument for the legalisation and control of the market. For rapper Skinny Finsta, the “German King of Memphis,” it’s a shame. The owner of Alles Haben Sie Records is a connoisseur of the business, even though his is all about cassette tapes. He’s swamping the market with his own recordings and is the number one go to address for tape productions for many fellow artists. We consider Skinny as a colleague, because he’s currently working on a zine about the phenomena and aesthetics of analoge tape recordings.

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Nas Tea, what are you healing with cannabis?

“The concept of time. In my daily life I’m always on the run — creating my future, healing my past. The now always seems to be in the background of my mind. Sometimes I can shift my consciousness to the present, but it’s like a muscle I need to train. ... With weed I can easily gain access to the here and now and enjoy everything around me — there is no jumping between the past and the future anymore. For me it only works if I smoke it occasionally. Too much of something makes my mind cloudy.”

Photography: Kim Dall‘Armi

NAS TEA, in capital letters as she prefers to write it, is a performer, video artist and musician from Hamburg in the early twenties. Sometimes she’s on stage with Ebow as her DJ and backup MC. Currently she’s working on a performance with Jada and Benson A’kuyie at Kampnagel and she’s about to release some of her own productions.

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”Let’s Defund The Police, Mum”

An open letter to her mum written by Wondering Woman

All Cats Are Black

Airbrush typography by Anna Hofmann — please see also the free poster with her lovely artwork that comes with every copy of STIMGA420 N°1 — R.I.P. Pop Smoke

Highly Recommended by The Divine Farmer Shennong

Cannabis is Medicine



By Simon Lunkenheimer

Nothings Gonna Hurt You

A free supplement poster by Anna Hofmann comes with every copy of STIGMA420 N°1.


Photography: Steven West

This is a portrait of Gem Hale. He recently turned 21 and moved from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA. The two images we chose for the double cover of this issue were shot by him. It’s an excerpt of an ongoing series called Slow Burn. We also heard, ... that photographer is eating vegan, grew up with family members growing weed and as well part owner of a Black-owned CBD company called Sky’s Herbal.

Gem is wearing the African-American Flag over his shoulders. It’s based on an artwork by David Hammons from 1990 originally shown at Museum Overholland in Amsterdam, later MOMA PS1 and more. He’s quite used to it, his grandmother is with the Black Panther party. In 2016, the UN stated that the U.S. owes Afro-Americans reparations over slavery. And there’s a theory to distribute profits through the legalisation of cannabis to payback Black people in the U.S. as well as the African Diaspora worldwide. This could be one of the first steps to help heal collective trauma experienced all over the world.

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STIGMA420 N°1 Cover A

Photography: Gem Hale

STIGMA420 N°1 Cover B

Photography: Gem Hale